Adjustable Straps

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Adjustable Strap Shoes

Propét Footwear offers adjustable strap versions to the shoes you already know and love!

While you shop, you'll find that we designed several of our shoes with laces to have adjustable straps so that they're much easier to put on and take off.

These adaptive shoes will help you unlock your mobility so that you can enjoy greater independence if you suffer from limited dexterity or troublesome foot conditions. All while providing the same amazing comfort that you've come to expect and love from Propét Footwear!

While shopping, look for these icons for added comfort and protection:


OrthoLite® insoles are made of open cell, lightweight foams that create a cooler, drier shoe interior without adding unwanted bulk or weight.  It's comfort from the inside out.

With the Propét EV (extra volume) insole system, customized fit and comfort is easy. Remove the bottom insole to provide a little extra volume or remove both to accommodate custom orthotics.

These styles feature footbeds that can be removed to accommodate custom orthotics.

You deserve to walk with ease and feel confident in your footwear.

Wynzie Women's Sandal


Upper Description - Dressy flip flop with laser cut detailing on the adjustable leather strap Insole Description - Micro-fiber lined Open cell foam footbed Outsole Description - PU outsole absorbs shock to reduce fatigue with rubber tread inserts for...

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Wanda Women's Sandal


Upper Description - Leather two strap sandal with enchanting laser cut detailing and the adjustability of hook and loop Insole Description - Microfiber lined Open cell foam footbed Outsole Description - PU outsole absorbs shock to reduce fatigue with...

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Yara Women's Mary Jane


Upper Description - Leather upper with hook and loop strap Insole Description - Removable PU insole Outsole Description - Wedge heel TPR outsole for cushioned, durable wear Care Instructions - Spot Clean Product Closures - Hook and loop strap Size...

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Breezy Walker Women's Sandal

$99.95 $79.96

Upper Description - 3 strap adjustable sandal with buckle and hook and loop Insole Description - Extra-cushioned, removable PU insole with microfiber sock lining Outsole Description - Lightweight cushioning PU with rubber inserts for traction Care...

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Propét Ultra FX Women's


Upper Description - Breathable precision knit seamless mesh with elastic lace and hook and loop strap plus firm heel counter and nylon heel tab Insole Description - X25™ open cell foam has high levels of cushioning in thinner layers, perfect for high...

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Lifewalker Flex Women's


Upper Description - Leather upper with brushed-nylon lining and firm heel counter for added support. Elastic lacing with single adjustable strap for flexible and easy fitting. Insole Description - Breathable open cell PU with added heel cushion moves...

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Propét Ultra 267 FX Men's


Upper Description - Lightweight breathable precision knit mesh upper with padded collar and tongue. Elastic laces with single hook and loop strap for adjustable fit. Insole Description - X25™ open cell foam has high levels of cushioning in thinner...

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Upper Description - Stretchable neoprene upper gives for extra comfort Insole Description - PU foam made with recycled materials and active carbon Outsole Description - PU outsole absorbs shock to reduce fatigue with rubber tread inserts for...

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Adjustable Strap Shoes

We’ve all been there: falling for a pair of shoes that don't quite provide the comfort or fit we desire. The ongoing struggle of compromising style for comfort finds a resolution at Propét. 


Sometimes, achieving the perfect fit requires that extra touch of adjustability to ensure optimal comfort. Propét presents a range of adjustable strap shoes designed to address this need. Our women's and men's adjustable strap shoes are versions of the shoes you already know and love—just with a little bit of added customization! 


With Propét, there's no need to sacrifice fashion for excellent comfort and foot health. Discover how our shoes with adjustable straps elevate foot comfort and mobility while maintaining a fashionable appearance.


Customized Fit: The world is diverse, and so are our feet! Unfortunately, not all shoes are designed with this fact in mind. Luckily, adjustable straps empower individuals to tailor the fit of their footwear based on the distinctive shape and size of their feet. This proves especially advantageous for those with irregularly shaped feet or specific conditions.


Stability and Security: Adjustable straps play a crucial role in anchoring the foot securely within the shoe, ensuring stability and averting any undesirable movement or slipping. This becomes particularly significant during activities with extensive lateral movement or for individuals dealing with balance issues. Propét’s selection is ideal for those seeking an added sense of groundedness in each step! 


Accommodating Swelling: When feet swell as a result of heat, extended standing, exercise, or medical conditions, the sense of comfort in your shoes is noticeably affected. Shoes without shoelaces enable wearers to promptly adapt to fluctuations in foot size. Adjustable straps ensure comfort even during mild swelling, allowing you to swiftly return to your daily activities!


Arch Support: Men’s and women’s shoes with adjustable straps can be positioned to provide additional support to the arches of the feet. This is beneficial for individuals with flat feet or high arches, helping distribute weight more evenly and reducing the risk of discomfort or pain.


Preventing Friction and Blisters: Straps can be adjusted to prevent friction between the foot and the shoe, reducing the likelihood of blisters and other forms of irritation. Properly fitted footwear with adjustable straps minimizes rubbing and pressure points.


Support for Foot Conditions: Shoes with adjustable straps are greatly beneficial for individuals with foot conditions. Adjustable straps can be positioned to avoid putting pressure on sensitive areas and seamlessly accommodate necessary orthotic inserts or spacers.


Easy On and Off Wear: Adjustable straps create the benefit of no shoelace shoes. Rather than dealing with the hassle of laces or stuck zippers, straps make it quick and easy to put on and take off shoes. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or conditions. 


Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility: In addition to their practical utility, adjustable straps contribute a stylish touch to footwear. Propét’s selection features straps that seamlessly integrate with the shoe designs, harmonizing with the color scheme and imparting a neat aesthetic to the overall look of the footwear. Additionally, our collection features shoes for all occasions. Take your straps from the gym to the office to a night out on the town!


Whether you’re looking for greater foot support and stability or simply like the style of athletic shoes without laces, Propét’s footwear with adjustable straps has a shoe for you!